Pests most likely to bug you in St. George Utah

The Utah desert has a way of keeping local homes contaminated with insects. These bugs range from completely harmless, to very pesky, to physically harmful. Generally, insects are drawn to areas based on food and water supplies, mating patterns, weather and, of course, environmental factors. Here in St. George, these are some of the common insects known to “bug” our residents and business owners. COCKROACHES Cockroaches are some of the most disgusting bugs known to man. These nocturnal insects will rule your home at night. So, when you do see them crawling around during the day, you have...

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What to do if you get Bed Bugs

What to do if you get Bed Bugs           Are you tired of getting nibbled on at night… and not by a loved one? Have no fear! Shakespeare Pest Control is here! We would like to share with you some tips on how to handle the little pests. While St. George, Utah may not be the Mecca of Bed Bugs in the United States, they are still very common. The following are some helpful tips: Don’t freak out and throw everything away. They are hard to get rid of, but they are not impossible!Don’t move things to other rooms. It will greatly increase your ability...

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