07 July, 2015

Home tips to prevent Ant Problems

07 July, 2015

Here in the US, ants are the #1 pest nuisance. That makes pest control for ants and ant prevention paramount to both homeowners and renters. Over 700 different species of ants exist in this country. Luckily, only about 25 commonly infest homes. These insects tend to live in colonies underground, which are made up of a queen and numerous workers. That’s why most do it yourself techniques just don’t cut it for getting rid of ants over the long-haul. But, they can help if done properly.


When it comes to ridding your home of ants, you have to first get rid of the ants you can’t see. Then, and only then, will you be able to finally eliminate those you can. Because of the way things work within ant colonies, there’s usually just one queen per colony. And, she’s solely responsible for breeding new ants. Without her, the population will eventually die off.

However, she never leaves her safe haven… her nest. So, to kill the colony using DIY pest control and prevention methods, you’ll have to go through the workers to get to the queen. Here are 8 DIY tips to help you eliminate and prevent ants in your home:

  1. Follow the Ant Trails. If you see a trail of ants coming into your home, follow it back to the source. Oftentimes, it could be something as simple as a kernel of food. Remove it, and you cause the trail to go elsewhere in search of food.
  2. Don’t Kill Them. Sounds crazy? Well, the ants you see are just workers. They spend their days finding food, and returning with it to feed the queen and her babies. These baby ants are in training to become worker ants themselves someday soon. Kill them, and others come out to replace them.
  3. Strategically Place Ant Bait. Use the workers to help you poison the queen and stop new populations from being born within the colony. Place DIY ant bait along the trailing pests. The workers will trail through it, carrying it back to their queen as food. She’ll feed on it, poisoning herself. This is a great method of do it yourself ant prevention.
  4. Avoid Cleaning Yet. That trail of ants will now be lured to the bait. The more ants that take the bait, the more you kill, and the higher your chances of the bait making its way back to the queen.
  5. Be Patient. Using workers to poison their colony and their queen is a process. It could take several days, maybe even a few weeks. Let your DIY ant prevention method work its course.
  6. Spray Nests. It is a good idea to use a do it yourself insecticide spray on below-ground and outdoor nests. Drench the nests according to label instructions.
  7. Stay Sanitary. If you want to control ant problems, sanitation is key to pest prevention. Ants need shelter, food and water to survive. They leave their shelter specifically to find food and water. Make it hard for them. Seal foods, and keep counters, floors and other areas clean and floors swept.
  8. Seal Them Out. These tiny critters can get inside your home through the most minute crevices and cracks. Minimize their entry. Seal around wire entry points, cable pipes, doors and windows.

If you find that your home southern Utah is infested with ants, a pest control expert can help. Get a professional ant control and pest prevention inspection. Contact Shakespeare Pest Control of St George Utah to schedule your appointment today.

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