30 August, 2021

Should I do pest control myself?

30 August, 2021

The country seems to be healing quite well from the recession. Yet, people are still constantly looking for ways to cut costs wherever they can. DIY tasks have become quite common as people try to keep more of their cash in their pockets. But, some things simply don’t make for good do it yourself projects. Pest control definitely falls on that list.

DIY pest control puts you and your family at risk of being exposed to dangerous chemicals. The chemicals required for pest and bug prevention are harmful to people, pets and the environment. Although store-bought do it yourself pest prevention products can be used safely, they’re just not as effective as the professional stuff. And, without proper training, professional products are an absolute “no no” as DIY products.


Do it yourself pest control is much more dangerous and much less effective than professional extermination services. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t handle your own pest prevention:

  1. Professional Diagnosis – DIY tactics tend to deal with surface issues. You see a pest, you go buy a product to get rid of that pest. But, professional exterminators are trained to identify the underlying problem causing the pest problem. They know where to look, and what signs to look for to identify all pests within your home. If you misdiagnose the problem, you’re out of cash spent on DIY products. Plus, you’re stuck with the pest problem. Hiring a professional exterminator guarantees the right diagnosis. Then, and only then, can the exterminator determine the proper pest control and prevention product for the problem.
  2. Effective Chemicals – The chemicals in do it yourself pest control products are much less harmful than those used by professionals. However, this means that they’re much less effective as well. Oftentimes, when you use the same product over and over, the pests become immune to them. And, as new offspring are bred, they tend to come into the world with a higher tolerance for the products you used on their ancestors regularly. With professional exterminators, this is not a problem. The chemicals are much more effective for killing pests, as well as pest prevention.
  3. Longer Lasting Effects – As noted above, DIY pest control and prevention products are less effective than chemicals used by professional exterminators. These store bought products tend to get rid of pests you can see, for a short period of time. Professional products take it much further by killing unborn pests, and sterilizing others so they can’t keep reproducing. Because of this, store bought do it yourself products generally last up to 30 days. Yet, professional extermination chemicals continue with pest prevention for at least 60 days.
  4. Safer for the Environment – Many DIY pest control products are dangerous for the environment. However, those used by professional exterminators are designed to be environmentally friendly. These chemicals are closely regulated to make sure that they aren’t destructive to the environment.
  5. Personal Safety – Once again, pest control chemicals are dangerous. If not used properly, they’re harmful to breathe in, which is impossible when they’re in the air. They can cause serious harm to your heart, lungs, sinuses, skin and other vital organs and parts of your body. These chemical are also dangerous to your pets, and of course your loved ones. A trained professional knows how to use pest prevention products, and where to use them to guarantee safety.

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